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Who is Christophe Marchesseau ?

Christophe Marchesseau is a licensed massage therapist, physiotherapist and osteopath. He is an expert in biomechanics who has been developing his own know-how for 30 years in France and abroad, in his Spa resort Excellence des Sens in Saint Barthélemy, in private residences or in selected Spa’s, wellness hotels or palaces.
His client list includes famous artists, business leaders and influencers.
Christophe Marchesseau has reinvented the general osteopathic treatment.
After 30 years of practicing his know-how skills, Christophe Marchesseau has developed a technique of overall health care. He uses therapeutic, mechanical, holistic techniques to help the body to realign itself as well as increase it self-consciousness, its intuition and its expansion.

Jean-Philippe Piter : port de Gustavia - Saint-Barthélémy

The Spa Excellence des Sens

Cour Vendôme Gustavia

The Spa Excellence des Sens

Cour Vendôme Gustavia

In 2007 Christophe Marchesseau opened his Spa Excellence des Sens in the port city of Gustavia, in the Cour Vendôme in Saint-Barthélemy.
This place is a prestigious venue for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Brunello Cucinelli, Richard Mille.
His team is trained by the standards and codes of excellence of Christophe Marchesseau.
The team got certified in La Signature by Christophe Marchesseau® and delivers an experience on par with the greatest houses, ready for the most demanding clients.

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In 2001 Christophe Marchesseau arrived in Saint-Barthélemy on the advice of a client’s friend, Carine Roitfeld, then editor-in-chief of Vogue France magazine. He immediately fell in love with the island.
After 7 years living in Paris, the benefits of water and the telluric energy so typical of Saint-Barthélemy, allowed him to recharge his batteries and to enjoy the virtues of an open air thalassotherapy. He realises why his clients come back here every year to catch their breath.
In 2002 he decided to settle down and opened a studio for massage therapy, physiotherapy and the Gyrotonic Expansion System® method in Saint-Jean. Christophe Marchesseau improved his method of therapeutic massage by mixing the new techniques, Swedish massage, kinesitherapy and osteopathy.

His career

In 2020: Ambassador of the International Massage Association, Christophe Marchesseau has been invited to be a member of the Jury at the next World Championship in Massage.

In 2018 and 2019: President of the Jury of the French Massage Championship in Paris.

In 2019: CM obtained his first degree certificate in Yoga Nidra at the Bihar School of Yoga (BSY). A teaching given by Micheline Flak.

In October 2019: LA MER organised the event and made an investment to transform a suite at the Baccarat hotel in New York
into a massage cabin. Christophe M. delivered massage to the privileged guests from all over the world. Several media were reporting about this event.

Since 2015: Ambassador of the LA MER cosmetic brand owned by Estée Lauder group; the company is an expert in the fields of facial and body care.

The company asked him to develop the massage protocol. He also participated in promotional campaigns for the products in the field of massage developed by LA MER. The Estée Lauder group entrusted him to treat VIPs and international influencers patients.

In 2011: Christophe Marchesseau won the gold medal at the National Competition of the Best Hands of France at the French Massage Championship.

In 2007: He opened his own Spa wellness center called ‘Excellence Des Sens‘ on the island of Saint Barthélemy; Cour Vendôme in Gustavia.

In 2005/2006: He studied Thai Massage, taught by his Master Pichet in Chiang Mai.

In 2002: Christophe opened his Masso-Kinesitherapy practice on the island of Saint Barthélemy.

In 2001: In New York city he learned the Gyrotonic expansion system method ® This revolutionary method formed, for its part, the Postural Reeducation treatment. Since then, he has been implementing and using it in his practices in Saint-Barthélemy.

In 1998: In Paris he met his spiritual father Dominique Renauld, an emeritus osteopath who trained him osteopathy as a companion and introduced him the principles of General Osteopathic Treatment (G.O.T.). The latter transformed his academic “ironing” into the art of touch.

In 1996: CM participated in the opening of the Spa at the Costes Hotel in Paris, then the Four Seasons at the Georges V Hotel and became one of the privileged contributors to the Bristol Hotel.

In 1995: Christophe opened his first massage cabin at the Tahiti beach hotel in Saint Tropez.

In 1994: Graduation from Massage therapy and physiotherapist.

In 1990: Studies at the Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences and Techniques at the Claude Bernard University of Medicine in Lyon.